30 Tracks You NEED In Your Playlist

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If you ever get tired of listening to Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ playing on the radio 25 times a day, you should really consider of owning these songs in your playlist.

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  1. Cruella – Bad Bad Hats
    This pop-indie trio band got me all hooked up after listening to their ‘Midway’. But this track is good as well.Also, listen to ‘Psychic Reader’. It’ll pump you up throughout your depressing evening.
  2. Place To Be – Nick Drake
    A friend of mine actually introduced me to Nick Drake and I instantly fell in love with his songs. His music ia so genuine and there’s nothing pretentious about him at all. If you pay a little more attention to his voice, it has a lot of similarity with Jack Johnson.
  3. To Love Somebody – Janis Joplin
    I mean, come on, everybody needs a Janis in their playlist.
  4. Wildest Dreams – Ryan Adams (Cover)
    Let’s be honest here, Ryan Adam’s version of Taylor’s 1989 is waaaayyyy better.
  5. Our Swords – Band of Horses
    Excellent bass. Bad-ass beat. The sound of a good bass makes me happy.
  6. After Hours – We Are Scientists
    After so many years, I can still listen to this song on repeat.
  7. West Coast – Lana Del Rey
    This song remains to be one of my favourite tracks. Ever.
    California, Pink Floyd, all rolled up into one.
  8. Lone Ranger – Lucy Rose
    It’s so funny, whenever I listen to this song, I can’t tell whether I feel cold or warm. Not that it’s not a good feeling, it’s actually very good. Try listening to ‘Scar’, easy listening at its best.
  9. M.I.A. – Borders

    M.I.A. did it again.
  10. St. Jude – Florence + The Machine
    With its meaningful lyrics and beautiful arrangement, this became one of my favorite Florence + The Machine’s songs, it’s like a mad mantra, that brings me peace.
  11. Light Me Up – Flyte
    Give it a listen!
  12. Indigo Puff – Sundara Karma
    And this!
  13. Stay Loose – BRONCHO

    This brings me back to the 80’s.
  14. Trouble Man – Marvin Gaye
    I started listening to Marvin Gaye thanks to this track.
  15. Leave It All – Bil Musa
    You don’t often come across to good music like this. Bil Musa is local btw.
  16. Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
    No argument here. Led Zeppelin belongs in your playlist.
  17. Crosstown Traffic – Jimi Hendrix
    Woodstock anyone?
  18. Talk Is Cheap – Chet Faker
    I like how Chet Faker keeps his music mellow and warm. Check out the cover he made on 2013, ‘No Diggity’. Cool stuff.
  19. Just To Make You Feel Good – Adam Green & Binki Shapiro
    They both sound a lot like Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. It gives you that 60’s vibe that you’ve been longing for.Listen to Here I Am and If You Want Me To. Binki reminds me of Karen Carpenter sometimes.
  20. At Home – Crystal Fighters
    An old one. But worth a listen.
  21. My Father’s Father – The Civil Wars
    The chemistry between the vocalists is ridiculous.
  22. Amsterdam – Gregory Alan Isakov
    I’m just mad why he’s not famous.
  23. Help Me Lose My Mind – Disclosure ft. London Grammar
    This track is so legit, it makes me wanna party all night long. I don’t even like partying.
  24. Little Whiskey – Angus and Julia Stone
    Wanna listen to some real music? This is real music.
  25. Babel – Mumford & Sons
    If you’re into folk like I do, Mumford & Sons, would do justice.
  26. Games – Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
    This track has a charming and playful melody that’s being rendered with tight and tense rhythms. Not all would like this track, but it is pretty dope, you either like it or you hate it.
  27. Specks – Bed Rugs
    Something different for you to ease your ears with probably?
  28. Freazy – Wolf Alice
    Hmm, how shall I describe the sound to you… Ok, so this band kind of like masters variation of 90’s alt rock, and they mix ’em all up, from the Smashing Pumpkins to Pixles. I think you kinda get what I mean.
  29. Don’t Wanna Fight – Alabama ShakesHell
    Yes. Thank you Grammy!
  30. Radar Detector – Darwin Deez
    Father of all hipsters. Or Hipster Jesus.  This track should be in your playlist. The music is cute as hell.


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“Third world country, why?”

This has always been the question my friends would often ask, why?

Well, why not? ASEAN countries have many things to offer, things that you can’t even find very easily. Also, Vietnam is actually the closest thing I can get to France. The resemblance is uncanny (ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little), and the streets of Ho Chi Minh City is just so intriguing.

Vietnam 25

We may have learned a few things about the country, Vietnam and the Viet Kong in our History class, but you can never describe what Vietnam is like, until you experience  this unique and vibrant country to yourself.

Vietnam 24

Vietnam 14

Vietnam 33

During my trip to Vietnam in 2014, here are some of the things and tips you may need to know before traveling to the land of Ho Chi Minh (I don’t see the connection, but it sounds catchy).

  1. It’s a Muslim friendly country. Well, pretty much.

Well, yeah, the vast majority of Vietnamese actually practice ancestor worship in some form that I don’t even know (considering that I stayed there for 5 days, only), but there are actually 70, 000 practicing Muslims in Vietnam which makes up the minority of the population there (Mind you, Vietnam has a population of 73.8 Million people, if this is not correct, by all means, you are free to conduct your own geographical research. *Whispers* On Wikipedia.).

Vietnam 1
Vietnam through our lenses (gaah too pretentious)

You don’t often find local Muslims walking down the street, but there are plenty of Halal-Muslim restaurants that you WILL come across to in Ho Chi Minh City, SPECIFICALLY.

So, eat all you want but if some of you have cravings for little “Miss Piggy”, don’t worry, coming across to Miss Piggy is like finding thousands of rubbers/condoms in a haystack (just laugh along to this pathetic metaphor).

2. A-Hah! Wait ’til you get to those Halal/Muslim restaurants!

Aaaah, I LOVE bearing you people bad news. Don’t worry, they don’t cook pork, but you will fall and crumble instantly, as soon as you get… THE BILL.
A normal Nasi Goreng Tom Yam (Tom Yam Fried Rice) costed me RM 20 (7U$D). With that RM20, I can get myself a proper Japanese set meal, that comes along with refillable green tea and desserts, okay, maybe it costs me more than that.

Vietnam 3
RM 60 ++ in total, I kid you not. 

IMG_3862Deep inside they were like “Twat, I spend this much just for you”.

But are you ready to spend RM 20 for a simple Nasi Goreng, RM 5 for ONE Roti Canai, and RM 25 for a dish of Malay styled Chicken Paprika? That being said, brings me to point 3 (below).

3. Bring LOTS OF CASH. Actually, bring, whatever that’s enough for you. NOPE, NO, bring a lot of cash.

Vietnam 8The girls were tryin’ the local’s delicacy. The old lady is pretty generous. 

In my case, I brought RM 400 (USD100), which is just enough for me as I don’t party (we’ll get to that), I don’t really eat, and I spent on things that are really cheap.
Bring at least RM 500-600, to be safe. But if you’re hunting for things, RM1000, would be more than enough. Vietnam is not that cheap. Na-uh.

4. Don’t be a SMART ASS and convert your damn money to Viet Dong.

In Vietnam, some of them may prefer the Viet Dong, but MOST of ’em, gots some lovin’ for the USD. Yeap, instead of Viet Dong, use the USD note. It’s more convenient, and it’ll save your ass.

Vietnam 22At least she’s ok with VietDong.  

In the streets of Ben Thanh, some vendors actually accept Ringgit Malaysia, but, unless you’re as smart as ‘Yours Truly’ (Use the PR charm and you can get away from a lot of shit), stick to using the USD notes.

5. It’s actually quite expensive in Vietnam.

And it is true. Everything in Ho Chi Minh (at least) is quite pricey, except for their coffee and Marlboro (RM 6 for a pack). Normal gifts can cost you like RM 15-200, depending on the amount of the item that you’re planning to buy, or the quality of that pretty ass China Doll.

Vietnam 5
Expensive trinkets.

Local foods aren’t that bad, they’re pretty cheap. Drinks in any clubs are quite expensive and don’t even get me started with books. If you’re planning to buy books, go to India instead.  Cheaper.

Vietnam 13
Sticky rice. Without the mango. 


In Vietnam, this is your kryptonite. Our Malaysian Sign/Hand language is at its weakest, only in Vietnam. It’s never going to work, ever.

Vietnam 2
I hate the traffic in Vietnam, just as much as I hate KL’s traffic. 

Cars and motorbike specifically, would come in from all different kinds of directions. Sucks, big time, I know.

Vietnam 11

There’s a trick to it though, be a Moses. Walk straight, slowly and confidently.

7. The nightlife is pretty wild.

My friends and I walked around the streets of Ho Chi Minh at night, and if you are into beer, parties and things like that, Ho Chi Minh City is the place for you.

Vietnam 15


We went to a club called Apocalypse Now, at around 11pm, and it was super packed. Unlike KL, cover charge is not necessary. Walk in, order your drinks or cocktails or whatever, and start grinding. Well, in my case, I just smoked a few cigs and stood awkwardly. I don’t even drink, how am I suppose to get hammered? The music wasn’t that bad. If you’re into Usher or Ne-Yo.

Vietnam 38

But, really, there was this one time when my friends were out dancing, there were girls at another table (pretty near to where I was standing), started talking to each other and kept staring at me. They came to me and pulled me (goodness, they’ve got the strength of a friggin’ elephant) and started to dance and grind on me. I politely said no, went to the nearest toilet and just cried like a little infant (nah, I was just waiting for my girls to get me a pack of cigarette).

We left the place at 3am, sober. Thank the Lord.

Please be mindful of the taxi service, they will charge you like mad. The journey from the club to our hotel is actually pretty near, like around 1 kilometre, and the cab driver charged us USD 10 for that. Twat.

8. It’s a parallel universe for Men!

Yeap, it is!

Try strolling through Tao Dan Park. Women would normally dominate the occupancy of the park. In the afternoon, they would do a regular Zumba session, for LADIES ONLY, in their hot pants and what not. They’re pretty ‘fierce’.

Vietnam 27

Also, bad boys, you might get a taste of your own medicine here in Ho Chi Minh City. Throughout my experience travelling in Vietnam, I have been cat-called by the local lasses numerous times. Well, I actually quite liked it.

Vietnamese men, however, are more timid, shy and very soft spoken. Something douchebags all over the world can learn from.


While we were bargaining, my friends and I were having conversation in Malay, and I kept telling them we can get the item that she wanted way cheaper and the price is crazy expensive.

Vietnam 12
Was speaking to them in Malay. I look like a freakin’ giant. 

The vendor? Yeap, she laughed and told us that she understood whatever we talked about. In fact, most vendors are able to hold a proper conversation in Bahasa Malaysia.

We stared at her and quietly disappeared.


10. Should I walk or just ride on some strangers’ motorbike?

I’d choose to walk any day!

Why? Because, tall asian guy and Xe-Om (motorcycle taxi), we do not match.

Xe-Om can be found everywhere. So, no worries and just go ahead, ride on them (motorbikes I mean). It can cost you anywhere from 15000 Viet Dong to 150, 000.

Vietnam 31That’s Denise riding the Xe-Om. 

They won’t do anything to you. Trust me.


It was nice exploring and learning about the history of Viet Kong and the base camp that was once a place they call home. Here’s the thing if you’re over 6 foot tall, and you decide to explore the tunnel, that’s gonna be the worst decision you will ever make in your life.

The tunnel (Chu Chi Tunnel) however, made me shit bricks. There were bats inside and it got me into a real bat shit situation. The tour guide told us that the Viet Kong released thousands of venomous Cobra snakes like years before and that some are still wandering inside the tunnel. Holy fuck, I hate snakes.

Vietnam 19Imagine spending a night here. The Viet Kong did just that for days. 

Vietnam 17The Viet Kong made this booby trap just for their enemies. 

Vietnam 16I can definitely fit inside this ‘man-hole’. I just didn’t wanna do it. 

I paid U$D 20 for a short trip to the Viet Kong’s Base Camp, inclusive of the transportation. It took us around an hour or so to get there.

12. Listen to some music while strolling in the streets of Ho Chi Minh.

Yeah, it gives you a different feel. I’d recommend listening to Édith Piaf.

Vietnam 9
You’d stumble into this.

Vietnam 10And this! 


At least four locals kept me reminded of the way I held my camera.

So I am pretty sure snatchers are pretty much everywhere.

14. Only travel on foot around District 1-District 3.

If you wanna travel on foot, fine, District 1, District 2 and District 3, would be just fine. However, if you are planning to visit other districts, make sure you know how to get there and don’t simply travel by walking. It’s pretty dangerous. Seriously.

District 1 – 3 are basically where travellers would often find themselves a lot of pretty cool places and things. From an old Ice Cream parlour to Water Puppet show. From high scaled boutiques to places where you can get wasted. You know what I mean.

Vietnam 28
Their local Water Puppet Show is definitely above mediocre. Pretty brilliant. 

Vietnam 29
Some legit performers. 

Vietnam 34Tempted to pluck one. 

15. Fall in love with the people and their culture. Not their coffee, not my cuppa tea.

They may not smile at you at all times because that’d be freaky. But they are indeed helpful and very courteous. You don’t receive that kind of treatment anywhere (ok that’s a lie, you’d receive kind treatment anywhere in the ASEAN region, a little too friendly if I might say).

Aaah, Coffee, you can find coffee shops everywhere in Saigon, especially in District 1 – District 3. If you’re into coffee, you’d love them. If you’re not, then, good for you. I don’t like coffee. So, *clears throat* nope!

Vietnam 36Opt for tasty ice cream instead!

Vietnam 37Or this! 

Vietnam 35You can enjoy them here!

Vietnam 26Nope.


I think you’ve got yourself pretty much covered for this Indo-China trip. Good Luck!





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Before I begin ranting, allow me to briefly introduce to you what this site is all about.
This site is dedicated to all things that aren’t tacky & distasteful (just like yo momma’s *&#*@!), where everything is organic and speaks the truth, (not literally) nothing but the truth (unless you’ve got that big cash in that generous pocket of yours, lol i’m jk, not really) and it ain’t gonna be all about grammar. Mind you, grammar nazis are everywhere. Not to say that I don’t love them, wait, I don’t but, no, that’s not what I mean! *shrieks* *explodes*.

It’s also a platform for me to learn more about SEO (Don’t know what that is? Google it up).

This is a blog dedicated to celebrate our (Malaysian or Non-Malaysian, I am anti racist) quirkiness and things that you never knew that you would actually like. It covers everything from rare collectible items to style, travel, food, people, cafe, etc.

Being a former travel journalist/columnist (now I’m a bloodsucking PR Executive, hiss), I realized that there is more to life than just restricting yourself to write things that you can and to always have that self control in terms of expressing your emotions in the form of words on printed papers. I can’t use the word ‘alcohol’ when I worked as a columnist, and one of my former editors would always say things like, “Mind what you write, some readers aren’t gonna be very happy with it”. I can’t blame my editor, she was right.

I’m not saying that I don’t miss my job as a journalist, I do, but its just that, it was a little too much for me. Travelling from one country to another, (I’m perfectly fine with that), staying at fancy hotels that costs 600U$D per night, attending fancy parties and things like that, is just, NO. At least, not for me.

I travel and write for few publications during my semester break : This was taken during my media trip in Lombok, Indonesia. Circa 2012. 

India was breathtaking. 2012. Big face of mine somehow, it’s just NO. 

Rajasthan, 2012. Believe it or not, the son of this &^#$&* company in India actually proposed to me and the only thing I responded was “Dude, I gotta pee, BRB”. I ran away. 

But perks of being a former media, I would say, is actually quite overwhelming. I would get invitations from my PR friends to attend parties, fashion shows, and exclusive events,  all the time, despite them knowing the fact that I no longer write for ‘this’ and ‘that’. But why would anyone trade the comfort of being in the room for lousy menus of tapas?

Now, considering that I am a blogger (one post counts, alright, back off), I feel the need to say that, I AM FREE.

AND IT FEELS, meh, feels alright actually.

I am a very busy lad, my schedule has always been filled with meetings, ad-hoc tasks and I would normally go home at 9 or 10pm. Wanna know what’s worst than that? I haven’t taken any of my annual leaves and I am struggling so hard to find dates that are just alright for me to spend the annual leaves before March, days that I don’t have to look at my phone all the time, checking emails (it could reach up to 1000+ emails daily) and spend my afternoon preparing proposals and revising the company’s annual PR budget.

What it actually feels like being a PR. Meh. Exclude all the parties and famous celebrities.

I am very sure that most of you readers are in the same situation as mine, the millenials specifically. All most of you wanna do during the weekend is just to relax, spend some time with your family and friend, or just enjoy a cup of coffee and a banana pancake at some cool cafe, untouched by the crowd of KL (I promise you, I’ll find a nice, quaint, decent cafe for you to enjoy).

So enjoy the ride and stick with me to :

  • Discover new places you’ve never been to.
  • Explore things that you can do without spending a bomb.
  • Spend on rare things and items that you have always wanted when you were younger.
  • Be a connoisseur of your own whilst munching on those Fajita at a good restaurant (Chilli’s and TGIF are out of the picture).
  • Travel places in an educational (not really) and fun ways with your friends.
  • Try out attractive outfits (it doesn’t have to be from Marc Jacobs) and have fun matching your own hipster garment.
  • Make friends with the right people.
  • Find out the cool things you can do with you friends.
  • Listen to the right music.
  •  And to experience the blissful of just, doing nothing, they call that “Dolce Far Niente” in Italy. It’s like me, eating Frozen Yogurt in my bed.
  • Find out how I live my life as a PR and a part time degree student.

In a nutshell, if you can relate to me, simply means that I can relate to you, as well. The blog is never gonna be about me (well, not 70% of it). I promise.
It can all be Instagram worthy for you to upload, if you truly enjoy (it also helps if you have an Iphone 6s, but not that it matters) your life the way you’re supposed to. It doesn’t have to be all about Dom Pérignon, pretty girls/boys, high end parties or even expensive fast cars. This blog speaks to you and you know you should respond to it.

Feel free to drop your two cents or things like that. I am OPEN for all suggestions and new ideas.

It is time for us all to accept the fact that we’re too old to do those ‘fun’ things.

So lets resort to do ‘other’ fun things. Considering that we’re too tired and old.


Catch up with you later.



Peace out.